Farm near Kengyel

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István Boda

Péter Kovács DLA

The area is located two kilometers from my place of residence, on the outskirts of Kengyel, on the gently curved bank of a plough field. While searching for the location, I found the natural treasures in my immediate surroundings that had escaped my attention until now. Traces of the farms that used to be here can still be seen in the area, in the form of groups of trees and remnants of walls. The specific site is located between two former plots of land, and stretches in a forest strip going up on a hillside gently. The opportunity presented itself to design my building among the small forests that provide security and concealment. There was a 5-meter difference in levels between the lowest and highest points of the plot due to the small hillside.

The building includes a workshop for the storage and assembly of the machines and tools needed to cultivate the contiguous 40-hectare arable land belonging to the plots and a house suitable for 3-4 people. My goal was not to create a nostalgic peasant building, but to create a modern farm for a modern-minded family.

Planning the program, I envisioned a complex building that would be suitable for the partially self-sustaining lifestyle of a small family. In addition to the needs for farming, there was also a small cow shed. It was important to me that daily activities could be carried out in the greatest comfort and simplicity. On the one hand, I intended to solve this by connecting the building units grouped under one roof and the various functions in a strict, logical order. The clean and maintenance corridor connecting the functions of the building enables the simple operation of the building.

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