University of Debrecen
In Vitro

Mozgásszínház MSc Diplomaterv 2018
Training Pool-Leisure Center, Gönc

DUniversity of Debrecen Medicine and Health Sciences Center IN-VITRO Diagnostical Block

Kovács Péter DLA and Lengyel István



The construction of the building has been defined by the simple, rational principles coming from the program. The two big lab units have been placed in the wings on the two sides of the triangle. The created ’V’ shape opens to the main entrance of the clinic. The lobby, as an intermediate space is not only connected to the outer space visually, but it transmits the inner and outer transition through its flora and climate. We use it as a tempered space creating an adequate lobby to energy aware design principles, that includes almost half of the facade surfaces.

Function areas have been organized vertically and horizontally based on the competences. The highly frequented areas by students and patients are on the ground floor, the less frequented areas or those which need higher control are above or below them. The cleanness and safety degree of the areas also change within the general clinical and microbiological structural units. The students can reach the lab wings related to the departments through the bridge system of the lobby. The inner technological approach is provided by the stairs and the elevator placed where the stems of the ’V’ meet. The placement of functions has been interpreted as 3 dimensional texture.

Articles about the building were published on Archdaily and on Építészfórum