Dósa Nádor Square and Town Hall expansion

’MAG’ house’
Intermodal Public Transport Center of Debrecen

Dósa Nádor Square and Town Hall expansion

Kovács Péter DLA

Debrecen, Dósa Nádor tér

plan tender:

The fundamental statement of the tender conception was to establish a characteristic main entrance positioned towards the square, that is indicated with a tower. The Town Hall is expanded with new wings. We have kept the historically valuable part of the building, but the posterior addition – which was the storage – has been demolished. At the corner where the two wings meet, we can access the building under a console, where the inner garden covered with glass roof is revealed to us immediately.

The garden is a multifunctional space. There are shops and catering units on the south, east and west sides of the ground floor. The restaurant can also be accessed from the inside, and it has a café in its inner garden. The inner traffic is secured by access control. There are offices , meeting rooms and a smaller auditorium on the upper floors.

The water architecture projected on the space and the internal green structure also appear in the atrium. The offices of the expansion are transparent, compensating the solid walls of the west side.

An article of the building was published on Építészfórum