Training Pool-Leisure Center, Ózd

Training Pool-Leisure Center, Gönc
Residence, Debrecen-Pallag
Town Training Pool-Leisure Center, Ózd

Built : 2008

Architect: Péter Kovács DLA, István Lengyel

The swimming pool that has been built in the construction of PPP is located on an independent lot near Brassói Street, between two educational institutes, in a relatively spacious area. The building complex consists of two different functional units which are also structurally separated. These are the training pool and wellness block and the bowling and squash block. The internal traffic between the units is possible. There are a 6×12.5 m training pool and a 11×25 m 4 lanes swimming pool in the swimming pool space. Parents can see their children learning to swim either directly from the gallery or through the glass wall from the space in front of the buffet.